Where is Olya?

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that all is good (even better: all is great!) and I’m preparing some cool posts for you. You see, we just came back from Tioman… Continue reading

Is cycling in Siem Reap safe?

Is it?

Angkor in one day – yes or no?

Doubting whether one day is enough to cover most of Angkor’s sights? I was too. And here’s what I did.

Where to go to in Siem Reap

Some great places I would totally recommend to anyone visiting Siem Reap.

7 iPhone apps I use in trips

Since Malaysia has good 3G coverage it’s easy to take advantage of what possibilities it has to offer. This post will probably not have anything new if you are an experiencd iPhone user… Continue reading

Island hopping in Langkawi

This is a story about saying yes to unexpected opportunities. We went to a team retreat to Langkawi (I know, right?) and on the last day we had 4 hours free time. There… Continue reading

What to do in Phuket when it rains?

Rainy season does have its pros. Less crowded, breathable, refreshing. This was my mantra for the 3 days of a birthday getaway to Phuket last weekend. So, what do you do in Phuket… Continue reading

Happy hour in Melaka

I am so sure there are more great tips about where to spend an evening in Melaka, it just happened that we only had one to spare, so here’s what we did.

Melaka or Malacca?

Both! That’s like Cologne and Koeln situation – one is the local spelling, the other was added just to confuse everyone :-) So anyway, we went to Melaka this weekend – a 2… Continue reading

20 traits of living in Malaysia

It’s been 5 months since we moved to KL and looks like now we’ve settled and got into the pace of living in a tropical Asian country. I though I’d share my observations… Continue reading

Mexico, I love!

To sum up our trip to Mexico, Anton made a video. So grab a snack, sit back and enjoy :-) (for better viewing experience the author recommends watching full screen and HD quality)


To finish the Mexican series, I have two more stories to share with you guys. Having decided to check with the Maya whether or not we’re having the end of the world this… Continue reading

Sungai Congkak

It’s been three months since we moved to KL, and it stroke me when I realised that all these three months we were surrounded by concrete jungle. We haven’t even visited any parks… Continue reading

On love, food and positive feedback

Hey there! Hope everything is just great at your end? Just wanted to share what’s going on in my life and ask how you are doing. Yesterday and on Monday we’ve had a… Continue reading

One day of life in KL

Hi there! This is my first experiment of capturing the whole day of my life from morning till night and it’s the first time I’m posting in Russian too. Putting such post together… Continue reading

No proper resolutions this time

Happy 2013 everyone! The previous year was eventful and a lot of big changes happened – 4 minutes into 2012 Anton proposed to me, we got our first car, got married, moved to… Continue reading

Batu Caves

Batu Caves is caves on top of the giant stairway of 272 steps (oh I remember it well) and is a Hindu temple a little outside Kuala Lumpur.

Big Bad Wolf book sale

The biggest book sale on the planet. 3 million books with 75-95% discount. Epic, right? It was challenging to get there – the fierce rain collapsed the subway, the taxi drivers wouldn’t drive… Continue reading

First week in Asia

Last Thursday I moved to Malaysia. It only took a 17 hours trip (Kiev – Tashkent – Kuala Lumpur), a new job, leaving everything behind and well.. should I continue? Here’s what I experienced was… Continue reading