My Norway – part 1. Kongsberg

To kind of round up this crazy travel-month, I went to Norway. It is hard to beleive, but in 2,5 days we did 3 towns – Oslo, Kongsberg and Skien. There was no particular sightseeing plan and we haven’t expected to stay in Kongsberg, but after having a brief view out of the bus window, the decision was made – stay here for one day.


Kongsberg is famous for it’s salt mines. It’s quite a long story – you can read more here, if you like.  That is definitely a must-see if you’re there! Here’s how it works.

IMG_1032 The mines are deep inside the mountain, so the only way you can get there is a little train. As long as it’s DEEP under ground, having some warm clothes woth you might be a good idea. It’s +5 degrees down there, so wearing just one sweater (like some random-very-confident-Ukrainian did)  won’t help. The tour along the corridors and halls of the mine takes 1,5 hours, so bringing a thermos with hot tea is also a good idea (the only warm thing I found was the hand dryer in the bathroom – the water was also freezing cold).

Coming back to the train. It’s a fun experience – the thing looks very strange from the first glance (down on the right), there are 8 people sitting inside each cart and the whole idea of going some 100 meters underground in THAT is scary). IMG_1034But it’s actually quite fun. You move 12 m/hour in the complete darkness of the cave corridor, have your 7 friend with you scared to death and giving sarcastic comments on the every bump the cart hits.

I would definitely recomment visiting the mines – you only have the good memories in the end.

The other things Kongsberg is famous for are the  Mining Museum (where they have everything they could take out of the mines), the Skisenter with the sliikng slopes and the Jazz festival (which we totally missed – it’s in the beginning of July).

The town itself is quiet and friendly. There is a river with little waterfalls that looked so WOW that we sat there for some 30 minutes or so.

IMG_0983Have I spent more than half-day there, I would have told you more stories. But there’re only pictures that I can share with you. Enjoy!


(I guess it’s not only windows that I like to “spy” on, but also the backyards… I’m scared to think how much further it can get. Pools? Supermarket carts? The bag content? (the last one is actually a nice idea for a blog… hm…)